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21 June, 2010
Check Out The Fruits Of My Studies On Jim Cooper's Voting Record...Is It What You Think?

Friends, the fight for Liberty has never been more needed or clear in our lifetime than it is today.  We are fighting forces in both political parties that don't seem to understand the seriousness of the course we're traveling.  The fact that we are still increasing the debt limit tells me that neither party understands the dire situation we face, and that not enough members of either party understand the proper role of government.  It is sad that of every dollar America spends, 42 cents is borrowed; either from foreign governments or from printing more and more money.  And yet, they still think borrowing more is the answer...

So what is the answer?  It's not easy, but it's necessary: the answer is we must start to repeal entire government agencies and programs - actually repeal and eliminate, not slow the growth of.  We need to start repealing legislation and regulations that are burdensome to businesses; both existing and new venture businesses.  We need to cut taxes - drastically in some areas (i.e. business, capital gains, payroll, etc.).  America, sadly, has lost its status as leader of the free world.  We are instead the leader of indebtedness throughout the world. What we need is an understanding of what the law is, and what government was created to do. Frederic Bastiat said: "But how is it [legal plunder, i.e. wealth redistribution] to be distinguished? Very easily. See whether the law takes from some persons that which belongs to them, to give to others what does not belong to them. See whether the law performs, for the profit of one citizen, and, to the injury of others, an act that this citizen cannot perform without committing a crime. Abolish this law without delay; it is not merely an iniquity; it is a fertile source of iniquities..." We as a society need to understand the importance and reality of this statement.

How did the nation that was once the beacon of the world fall so far so fast?  We lost our virtue, we lost sight of God, we lost our righteousness; we stopped paying attention to our candidates and started electing prideful men lacking virtue; interested not in public service but in personal gain; we lost sight of the purpose of government - to protect property rights and ensure equal opportunity for all - and followed Marxist principles down the road towards communism.  Wealth redistribution and government handouts went from the unthinkable to the norm.  We are now into our 3rd and 4th generations of welfare recipients.  In reality, our only hope is to return to the God-fearing Christian principles that lead to the greatest nation of hope God ever gave mankind.

NOWHERE IN OUR CONSTITUTION IS there given to the federal government, the right to mandate healthcare, force states as to how and where they spend their money, own or invest in the private sector (banks, auto companies), or restrict the rights and abilities of private companies to seek and harvest the legal products they produce (oil, coal, natural gas).  We were established as individual states - essentially individual countries - where ideas were free to flourish or fail; and other states could choose to emulate or ignore the examples of another.

The federal government was intended to be the protector of the states from enemies foreign and domestic; it was not intended to be the domestic enemy.  Let's bring common sense back, restrict the size and scope of the federal government, return to logical and responsible fiscal spending, and cut our governement back to its intended size and power.


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